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Another Story for Job Seekers

One of the things I most enjoy doing is talking to groups of people who are looking for a new customer.

They call it “looking for a job”, I think customer and employer are synonyms – don’t you?

Here’s another share of my take on personal branding and social media for those looking for their next customer – and remember, it might be worth it to open up your entrepreneurial chakras. Think B-I-Z, not just J-O-B.

2009 Personal Branding + Social Media

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it…


The Story on Personal Branding + Social Media

When you're seeking your next opportunity – whether you're looking for a job, or looking for your next customer (and isn't that the same thing?) – you need to know how to communicate your value, and live your brand.

Today @ the Greater Richmond Technology Council's TechNOW event for technology workers seeking their next opportunity, I spoke on personal branding and social media. Here's the handout:

Download 2009 PersonalBranding+SocialMedia

If you have any questions, just call or email me – thanks!

My 15 Minutes…on

I had my 15 minutes of internet fame recently, with a "My Take" essay on To say that made my month would be an understatement!

Social media played a part in bringing me this opportunity. If you're not a believer in the power of the Holy Trinity of SM (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook)…you need to be.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it…

The Story on Social Media: One Mouth, Two Ears

The always-full-of-great-information Sarah Evans, @PRSarahEvans on Twitter, and one of my favorite Tweeps, shared some really stunning stats today from Adam Singer's The Future Buzz blog. One mindblower of a statistic, among a buffet of them, is that there are 346,000,000 global citizens who read blogs. Wow, I'd be happy to have .1% of that number reading this blog!

I found myself thinking as I read Adam's post that there's a lot of talking going on out there on the Wild Wild Web. The really critical part of social media, however, is LISTENING.

It's tempting to think of one's web platform(s) as megaphones – Hey look! Over here! It's me! That's fairly par for the course in human interaction: we're all interrupting each other constantly, ususally about 20 seconds in to what the other person is saying. Reminds me of Gary Larson's classic "What Dogs Hear" cartoon – you're blathering away at your dog, all she hears is her name. Blah blah blah blah Ginger blah blah blah.

Same holds true with social media: people only listen if they hear something they want to hear, that their ears (eyes?) are tuned for. Everything else boils down to blah blah blah. Unless, of course, what you're saying is pitched to their tuned ears – their wants, needs, curiosity, value system, whatever you want to call it.

Which means you've got to listen. Listen at least twice at much as you talk. The web ain't a megaphone. It's a conversation.

I'm going back to listening now.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it…

The Story on Twitter and #daniela – Only Connect

Only connect.

When E.M. Forster wrote that in 'Howards End' in 1910, the first iteration of wireless – radio – was in its infancy.

We've come a long way, baby.

In many ways, the complexity and scope of modern communication – connection – mean that there's lots of the former, but not much, at least not in a meaningful way, of the latter.

'The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.' Joseph Priestly presciently said that in the late 18th century, and it holds even truer in today's communication-saturated world.

However, there are some stunning examples of how the complexity of 21st century communication can enable connections of the most human, and humane, kind.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the story behind the Twitter hashtag #daniela.

David Armano, a big noise in the complex web that is new media, is one of the people I follow on Twitter. If you don't know what Twitter is, go find out, but after you read this, OK?

I missed the kickoff of his conversation about Daniela yesterday, but my attention was snagged today when another of my connections – Tweeps – tweeted (Twitter has created an entire lexicon of its own) about @Armano's campaign to help out a woman with three kids who has just escaped a horrifically abusive marriage and is trying to get her life back.

All the pertinent details are on David's blog, so I won't give you the blow-by-blow. What I will tell you is that David started a ChipIn pass-the-hat to raise some chedda to help Daniela and her kids get back on track. He set a goal of $5,000.00. As of this afternoon, the total raised was approaching $13,000.00, and still rising.

In less than 48 hours.

THIS is the power of connection. THIS is why the internet is so powerful. It's not porn. It's real people, with real stories, making real connections.

David Armano is a mensch beyond words.

How many lives have you saved today?

Think about it.

Only connect.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it…