How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry –

Here’s an example of what I mean when I say "tell a story" – this is a press release I wrote last week in advance of an event that took place this morning.  Please notice that at no time during this release is anyone "pleased to announce" – that phrase literally makes me grind my teeth.

Richmond, VA –- July 12, 2007 – Truckers, those sailors of the concrete and
asphalt seas, are at the hub of American commerce, carrying everything –
groceries and clothing, plasma TVs and medical supplies
– from manufacturers and distributors to consumers across the nation. The margins in the trucking industry are
razor-thin, with time between loads and fuel costs often eating into already
small profits. The daily challenge for
trucking companies is matching freight loads with trucks nearby, cutting
down-time and empty-truck runs. In 1999, opened its web portal as a truck and load-matching board, using
the internet to revolutionize business process management for the
transportation and logistics industry.

Bryan Jones, President of, will tell the
Greater Richmond Technology Council (GRTC) how the company has combined
the internet with a cutting edge computer platform and a user–friendly
interface to revolutionize the trucking and freight industry. Mr. Jones will be the featured speaker at the
monthly GRTC Good Morning Technology! Breakfast at The Place at Innsbrook in
Glen Allen, Virginia on Friday, July 20, 2007, 7:30am to 9:00am.

As the leading internet load board, handles over 140,000 loads a day for 27,000 trucking companies
with upwards of 500,000 trucks. Managing
and growing that volume of business, and providing value to all their
customers, tech-savvy or not, has been’s goal since the company
was started.

"We designed the site to be simple, fast, and easy to use, knowing that there is a
wide range of comfort with technology in our industry,” says Jones. “Overall, the trucking industry is far more
technology savvy than most people realize.” Truckers who have used to accelerate their own success include Chris Doran of LTD Trucking, who credits his relationship with as the reason his company grew from five trucks to thirty in six

GRTC’s July breakfast is sponsored by Peak 10 Data Center Solutions. Peak 10 Richmond
specializes in managed hosting services for businesses with complex needs and
mission critical operations. Its
world-class Richmond data center is
staffed by skilled engineers and support personnel to ensure the security,
integrity and availability of its customers’ technology infrastructure 24 hours
a day, seven days a week.

The Greater Richmond Technology Council is an association of businesses and
organizations working together to promote the success of technology companies,
and the growth of the technology sector of the Central Virginia economy.


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