The new version of the Bataan Death March…

I’m speaking, of course, of what looks to be a  long, deadly slog over the next FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE DAYS (oy…) as we struggle to choose our next Commander in Chief.

The three recent fashion shows, one Democrat and two Rebublican, can’t really be called debates.  Too many players.  What they were and will continue to be is fashion parades, with an occasional round of "gotcha" – like Barack Obama’s response to the what-if-two-US-cities-were-attacked question (he was asked about a military response, and he nattered on about emergency response teams), and the admission by Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee, and Tom Tancredo that they don’t believe in evolution (are these the dinosaurs that shared the earth with Neanderthals?  Or just the Neanderthals?).

Give me a break.

What is the electorate supposed to learn from these "debates"?  That None of the Above is looking better and better as a ballot choice?

The Republicans are stuck in the 80s, and can’t stop worshiping Ronald Reagan, who is credited with the fall of communism.  News flash – communism would have died a natural death if Francis the Talking Mule had been in the White House in the 80s.

How on earth does Reagan come in second behind Abe Lincoln as the greatest US president?  Granted, it was a small sampling of 800 adults in a survey done by Washington College – the college’s namesake came in EIGHTH in that survey, god help us.  The Democrats seem to all be running on the platform of "Hey, we’re not Republicans!"

My vote continues to be None of the Above.

And I’m off to pick up some new hiking boots – it’s already getting deep, and it’s gonna be a long march to November 2008…


One response to “The new version of the Bataan Death March…

  1. I agree with every word – I cannot believe this muck is starting now ! I mean by the time the real election period comes up – Francis the talking mule will win in a landslide!! I’ll be his campaign chief – and i am sure i will finally get to sleep in Abe’s bedroom without having to bow low to the overstuffed elephants OR the under inspiring – donkeys.

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