Couric v. Edwards, Round 1

Back in the dawn of time, or maybe it was last summer, as Katie Couric headed off to CBS from the set of the Today show, I was asked by speaker and consultant Mary Foley for a comment on whether I thought Couric’s move was bodacious, or a bust.  I gave it a cautious thumbs-up, based on my direct observation of Ms. Couric when I worked on the Today show in the ’80s and ’90s, and my subsequent (self-appointed) status as a media observer. 

Translated:  I watch TV, I have two brain cells to rub together.  Look, ma!  I’m a critic!

But I digress.

I’ve watched as events have, once again and regrettably, proven me to be prescient in my prediction.

I know, I know – it’s time for AA.  Alliterators Anonymous.

The 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday snatched the mask off of Ms. Perky, revealing at least a possible Queen of Mean, if not Cruella DeVille herself.

Katie Couric watched her husband, Jay Monahan, die of colon cancer.  I can appreciate that she wants to be taken seriously now that she’s made the leap to a more gravitas-laden daypart, but was it really necessary to appear to paint the Edwards’ decision to continue with a Presidential campaign as a sympathy ploy?

Couric, as an experienced broadcaster and talker, surely knows that vocal inflection is a huge piece of verbal communication.  Her inflections throughout the interview were, in a word, strident.  Almost accusatory.

I guess it must go something like this – you get offered an anchor desk, but in exchange you have to leave your humanity at the studio door.  I wonder if there was any hesitation at all about that exchange…?


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